A major event in support of children with cancer.

The inaugural edition of the Charles-Bruneau Cup was inaugurated in 2021 to pay tribute to Charles-Bruneau, a passionate hockey fan to whom we owe the following dream imbued with a moving message of hope shared by all children with cancer who are fighting to overcome the disease: “When I grow up, I will be cured!”

In three years, the Coupe has raised an unhoped-for $3 million in support of the Fondation Charles-Bruneau, whose mission is to give children with cancer the best possible chance of recovery. An extraordinary success for the Fondation's youngest event!

Efforts that count

By participating in the Charles-Bruneau Cup, you will contribute directly to efforts to ensure that the 2,000 Quebec children diagnosed with cancer every year enjoy a healthy future. Your contributions make a huge difference. Consider that, since 1980, the recovery rate for leukemia, the most common type of cancer, has risen from 35% to close to 85%. Promising advances in research and development are currently guiding researchers towards a pair of objectives: Curing the 20% of children whose cancer is resistant to treatment, and improving the quality of life of children in remission so that they can enjoy a true cure, free of side-effects and complications, a reality that, to this day, remains elusive.

That’s the challenge we’ve set out to meet for children with cancer. Form your team now!


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