Their names are Benjamin, Pénélope and Jacob. If our heroes have all been to a Charles-Bruneau Centre in the past year, on Saturday, September 18, they will be waiting for you at the Stade IGA for the first edition of the Charles-Bruneau Cup, presented by IGA.


Before meeting them in person, we invite you to read their inspiring story.


Benjamin, 13 years old

Benjamin was diagnosed with T-type acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He has been in treatment for two and a half years and has only one more year to go before he is officially in remission.


Fortunately, Benjamin is getting better and has regained some of the activities he had to give up in recent months, such as hiking with his family. What he would like to do most of all, however, is to put on his field hockey skates again and join his teammates on the ice!


This field hockey fan has long wanted to be a hockey analyst, but now he's thinking about becoming an oncologist. We wish you the best of success in any case!


Jacob, age 5

On November 1, 2019, Jacob was diagnosed with leukemia. Since then, the brave boy has been going to the Centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau at Sainte-Justine very often to "do finger poking" and receive chemotherapy treatments.


Despite this, Jacob has not lost his boundless energy. He loves playing outside, having adventures with his sister and eating ice cream. He will be starting kindergarten on August 30th.


Jacob has many dreams - soon he would love to be able to go on vacation with his parents, either at a hotel or camping in a trailer. Later, when he grows up, he would like to be a fireman and put out fires!


Penelope, 11 years old

Penelope was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in August 2017, at the age of 7. An avid field hockey player, she chose to start playing, while undergoing treatment. She has now been in remission for almost 2 years. After a forced break due to the health situation, she will finally be able to start playing her favorite sport again at the end of August, at the same time as she will be entering high school.


Penelope is an energetic girl who also loves to dance. At school, her favorite subjects are mathematics and ethics and religious culture. At home, she enjoys reading and role-playing. In short, nothing stops her and she is passionate about everything!


She has always had an interest in medicine, even before she was diagnosed. It seems that she even has the habit of amputating or stitching vegetables that fall under her hand!



There's still time to cheer on the participants who will be playing next Saturday in the name of our three Heroes, and for the other 2,000 children with cancer in Quebec each year. 

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