On September 30, Daniel Larocque will be taking part in the Charles-Bruneau Cup presented by IGA with the IGA - Sobeys Trois-Rivières team. This will be his second appearance at the event, and he has a very special reason for taking part: "We want to give back as much as possible of what was given to us when our daughter Maya was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 4. This will be an ongoing mission for our family.'' Mr. Larocque generously agreed to tell us their story.


"When my colleagues asked me to join their team, it was a no-brainer for me to do so in order to give back to the Charles-Bruneau Foundation. The Fondation was a key factor in the remission of our eldest daughter, Maya."


Mr. Larocque mentions the importance of the Fondation Charles-Bruneau in his daughter's illness: "Pediatric oncology research is possible thanks to donations collected at events like the Charles-Bruneau Cup presented by IGA. Research has enabled our daughter to benefit from a treatment that worked. The incalculable number of devices used for treatment with the mention Merci à la Fondation Charles-Bruneau is at the heart of the reasons behind my involvement."


Daniel Larocque and his Sobeys teammates at the Charles-Bruneau Cup 2022

Lucky to be able to count on the Sobeys family

Maya's family has also been able to count on the strong support of Sobeys, during this difficult ordeal. "I was a Sobeys employee when our daughter was diagnosed. We received extraordinary support from my employer during the two years of treatment. Sobeys is at the heart of the Foundation's support and it's obviously a source of pride for me to represent such a company.


To see the great Sobeys team contribute and participate in the Charles-Bruneau Cup is gratifying. The Sobeys family is filled with extraordinary people.


Maya is now 14 years old. She follows the international program in high school and competes in trampoline gymnastics. We want all pediatric cancer diagnoses to have a happy ending like ours, and it's by supporting the Charles-Bruneau Foundation as much as we can that we'll achieve this goal."


Daniel Larocque and his daughters, Maya and Lily

Thank you for making a difference!

In conclusion, Mr. Larocque would like to say a few words to participants, donors and the children and families going through the same ordeal:


"To participants and donors: Thank you for your support. I can tell you that what you do makes a difference. The Fondation Charles-Bruneau is largely responsible for our daughter's remission. We have to make sure that every child and every family has the support they need to get through this ordeal.


To the children and families: Hang in there. Diagnosis is the coming of the storm, but you'll never be alone. You have a great team and family behind you. The storm eventually dissipates and the sun returns."


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