Meet three endearing kids! It's for kids like them that more than 54 teams will compete on September 30 in the 3rd edition of the Coupe Charles-Bruneau.


Eva, 9 years old

In April 2020, a lump in Eva's cheek began to grow larger and larger, and it was then that doctors announced to her family that she had acute myeloid leukemia with granulocytic sarcoma. The 6-year-old was then hospitalized for 6 months to undergo very aggressive chemotherapy treatments. At the height of the pandemic, the family was torn in two, with Eva having no contact with her older brother and father. Gradually, health regulations were relaxed, but it was difficult for the close-knit family.


During the treatments, many pitfalls were thrown in her path (allergy to the first type of chemo causing paralysis for 5 days with excruciating pain, blood transfusions for a bacterium that forced her to spend over 10 days in intensive care, etc.). However, she kept smiling throughout the process and always insisted on continuing to go to school, play at the park, etc. After 6 rounds of chemotherapy, she was finally able to go home, return to a "normal" life and is now officially in remission.


Eva is also a field hockey fan, as are several members of her extended family, with whom she is very close. She plays on a team and even at school. She has an infectious smile, loves to be surrounded by people and always asks to have friends or family at home.


Benjamin, 15 years old

Those who have taken part in the Charles-Bruneau Cup in the past have had the chance to meet Benjamin, and probably remember him and his winning goal in the celebrity match!


In March 2022, Benjamin received his last chemotherapy treatment after 3? years of battling T-type acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He officially went into remission and was finally able to resume the activities that make him happiest and that he had had to neglect in recent years, such as field hockey, basketball and soccer.

In difficult times, he says it was his sisters and parents who made all the difference, as well as the entire medical team at the Montreal Children's Hospital, who followed him. In fact, they all signed his field hockey stick. At the end of his treatment, Benjamin and his family in turn presented the medical team with a medal in recognition of their support and the teamwork they put in together.

As for the future, the 15-year-old dreams of "simply" living a normal teenage life and making the most of it! And that's what he plans to do on September 30 at the Coupe Charles-Bruneau!


Mathis, 15 years old

Mathis is a 15-year-old athlete who will inspire you with his calm and maturity. In the summer of 2021, he was diagnosed with hepatocarcinoma (liver cancer) and made regular visits to CHU Sainte-Justine. There, he received 5 pre-transplant chemotherapy treatments, a liver transplant (with rejection), before resuming further chemotherapy treatments.


His family tells us that he was the pillar of this whole adventure, the one who kept the troops in good spirits. We're delighted to learn that his latest follow-ups showed no trace of cancer, that he's doing superbly well and that, in the meantime, he's been able to resume a normal life: playing baseball, having a summer job, doing well in his school year...


His many interests, he says, may lead him into the sciences. He'd like to work in the health field (pharmacist/nurse), or be an architect or engineer.



You've now met the heroes and heroines of the 3rd edition of the Coupe Charles-Bruneau, young athletes bursting with energy. It's for two kids like them that the Charles-Bruneau Foundation's mission is to offer a healthy future to the 2,000 children with cancer across Quebec.


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